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Because we understand that you need your devices, we aim for a quick solution, so you do not have to miss your device for too long. We even offer a 1 hour service when you make an appointment.

Nevertheless, we never give in on quality, because quality is our highest priority! We use original parts and the best tools to fix your devices. All our technicians are highly trained and together we want the same thing: Repair your device as if it was never broken!

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We believe in prioritising and providing the highest quality of customer service. If you are looking for a professional to repair your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, you don't need to look any further, Techbay.pt takes care in providing the best approach to all our customers by using top quality parts and tools. Our team aims to relieve you as a customer in a low-threshold way. This way Techbay.pt is your trusted address when it comes to knowledge about all your Apple products, both hardware and software. We can even carry out repairs to chip level for you.

About 9 years ago we started repairing Apple products, simply out of love for the quality and durability of these devices. We have Apple Trained and Certified Technicians. This is still our daily routine, but we have broadened our horizons in the course of time and we also carry out repairs of many other brands. No job is too much for us as we have extensive experience and the ability to problem solve over recent years. With branches in the Netherlands and Portugal, we have not lost sight of why we have ever started.  We currently provide services to large organisations which include insurance companies and other repair companies who are our regular customers.

So when you are looking for  honest and professional advice for a defect in your mobile device or computer, our professionals are always ready to help you! You can always contact us at 289 997 058 during our opening times or send an e-mail to info@techbay.pt. Of course you are also welcome to visit us at Sitio Palhagueira 115A, 8005-509 Palhagueira, Faro


& Solutions

Our team does not give up easily, our goal is offer you a solution! We like to think out of the box and want to make sure that you walk out as a satisfied customer!

We keep you informed on the process of your repair and you are also able to check into the system yourself. Our transparent service has no secrets for you, our customer, because we believe we can solve every problem together.

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Why choose Techbay.pt for your business!

  • Pick-up & Return service: your device taken and/or brought all free of charge
  • Waiting for your repair with internet and coffee available. Handy if you want to continue working.
  • Tailor-made solutions for you, your staff and/ or your customers.

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our Service

When we started our business we were focussed on repairs for Apple, which we build out to serve our customers fully. We now have full range of repairs available, but we offer more...

Besides our repair service we also offer full online packages and solutions. These packages include branding, web design, web hosting, Search Engine Optimalization (SEO), social media strategies and marketing and application building.

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in today's world

Due to the current circumstances in which the world finds itself, we had to make a shift in our strategy as well. We had two shops before where we could serve our customers. The Covid-19 measures, showed us that we were not able to keep those open. We decided to change plans and move the workshop together with our other services to our Palhagueira address where we now have a beautiful and high-tech workspace to help you out with all your technical issues

Our Team


Founder and Owner of Techbay.pt.

"I like to think out of the box. When the the common solutions don't work I like to look further to see if there are other ways to reach the results we want"



"I want to build something beautiful that is not the standard on the internet. I want your website to be one of a kind, easy to be found in the search engines"


Certified Apple Technician and specialisation in Windows.

Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. These are the core values that define Patricia.

She is a hardworking woman that always helping out where help is needed.

This can be you...

Would you like to join our team. Please contact us and let us know what you have to offer us!