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When you have any issues with your iMac whether is it a software or hardware problem, don't worry! We are here to help you! With our Apple trained and Apple Certified Technicians we have all the knowledge and equipment necessary to resolve most of the issues even within the same day to give you the possibility of waiting while your device is under repair so you can get back to work as quick as possible, also when you leave after the repair we want you to experience the feeling of having a new working iMac again.

Here you can find the most common repairs, but if your defect is not in this list please feel free contact us by Phone at (+351) 289 997 058 , email: info@techbay.pt or WhatsApp: (+351 933 210 132) You can also send us a message through the contact form below and we will reply to your email as quick as possible.


Because we understand that you need your device back working fast. We offer a Repair Service that can be done within 1 hour after planning an appointment. Please contact us for the possibilities!

Pick-up & Delivery

When you don't have the opportunity to bring your device or pick it up after repairing we offer a free pick-up & delivery service in the Algarve. We also offer solutions to send your devices with a carrier and/or to return after repairing.


We give 2 year warranty on all repairs except battery replacements that have 6 months warranty (excluded are fluid damaged devices)

Our Prices






179,00 from

Power Supply

149,00 from

SSD replacement

179,00 from

Logicboard Repair

299,00 from

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